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Residential: The base fee for inspections with a written report is based on the square footage of the home, as is listed in the MLS or other public source such as Zillow. Residential Condos have an additional $45 fee. Inspections with a written report include:

  • Annual Inspection Program (AIP)
  • Buyer’s inspections
  • Seller’s inspections
  • 11 month or 23 month new home warrantee inspections

Commercial: Commercial inspections include everything done for a residential inspection, and when applicable:

  • Life Safety features
  • Cooking Area Safety
  • AIR – Accessibility Inspection Report (this report gauges the commercial property’s compliance with the ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title III, as amended):
  • Parking
  • Routes of Travel
  • Ramps
  • Entrances
  • Interior
  • Rest Rooms
  • Elevators 

Light Commercial: (single-story office buildings, retail space, multi-unit residential, etc.) is based on the square footage of the building. Office Condos have an additional $45 fee.

Heavy Commercial: (any facility with medical, dental or veterinary operating rooms; loading docks, elevators, chemical baths, negative pressure rooms, back-up power systems, etc.) fees are based on both the square footage, complexity of AHJ regulations, and the number and type of sub-specialist contractors required. Fee will be computed after a preliminary walk-through with the client.


While we are there, we can also inspect at a discount for:

Pool or Spa $50
Pool and Spa $80
Out Buildings $50
Mold Inspection (Call for price)
Lead Inspection (Call for price)
Well Water Quality (Call for price)
Built Before 1980 +50
Military Discount -$35
Repeat Customer -$30
AIP Discount -$50
Out of Area Call for price


After repairs, to ensure what you wanted fixed, is fixed. $129 +Mileage. Please call to schedule.

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